Big Daddy

Big Daddy
Cast: Adam Sandler
Studio: Columbia
Rating: 7/10

Money. It’s what makes Hollywood glamorous and actors desperate. The parents of child actors must be desperate, being that they put their children in films that require them to act out such bad habits. Children are considered angels, that is, until you see movies like Big Daddy.

Sonny (Adam Sandler) is dumped by his girlfriend, has no job, and his father is always after him because he lives like a bum. He seems to always walk into a conversation or party at the wrong time, spoiling everything. Basically, Sonny has bad luck, all of which is self-inflicted. He chooses not to go out and get a good job and his lifestyle defies his father’s wishes.

His roommate and friend, Kevin (John Stewart), has announced his engagement to Corinne (Leslie Mann), and has a business trip just before the wedding. While doing all of the normal everyday things, Kevin’s son, Julian, is left at their doorstep with a letter explaining that his mother has died and it’s now Kevin’s responsibility to care for him. With the unsuspecting father out of town, and Corinne in the picture, Sonny takes it upon himself to be the adoptive father, which in turn kicks his butt into gear to become a better person.

Big Daddy is comical, but doesn’t come close to Happy Gilmore. The film has a very diverse cast. What I mean by that is there are roles like that of Corinne, who hates Sonny; the delivery guy (Rob Schneider) who feeds Sonny; Phil (Allen Covert), a successful gay attorney; and Layla (Joey Lauren Adams), who falls for the shabby Sonny. These actors greatly supplement the film’s humor. Adam Sandler did well with the screen writing, but I don’t think he will get an Oscar. Maybe he has a better shot with Mtv.

If you first prepare yourself for the stunts that Sandler coerces Julian (Cole and Dillan Sprouse) into doing, you will enjoy Big Daddy. If you’re a parent, I would not suggest watching this film, even with the happily-ever-after ending and Sandler dressed in a suit.

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