The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy
Cast: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles
Studio: Universal
Rating: 7/10

CORPORATE LINE: The Bourne Supremacy re-enters the shadowy world of expert assassin Bourne (Damon), who continues to find himself plagued by splintered nightmares from his former life. The stakes are now even higher for the agent as he coolly maneuvers through the dangerous waters of international espionage-replete with CIA plots, turncoat agents and ever-shifting covert alliances-all the while hoping to find the truth behind his haunted memories and answers to his own fragmented past.

THE GOOD: If you want action you’ve got it. The Bourne Supremacy is intense as it gets. The car chases are exciting—especially if you like blistering metal amidst chaos. Although the sequel doesn’t quite further the story of Jason Bourne you’ll be glad they released the sequel regardless.

Jason Bourne isn’t written with the same depth of the original. There is a brief romance however much of the film is the same game of cat-and-mouse. The game allows Jason Bourne to use cool gadgets in order to outsmart his pursuers and it’s these spy-like features that keep it interesting.

THE BAD: It’s not an ugly film—it’s just difficult to watch with the camera whirling around trying to speed up an already fast paced film. The handle-held cameras create a feeling of being on an amusement park ride that has spun out of control.

The storyline isn’t up to par with the first and The Bourne Supremacy retreads every action flick—especially the original. After all, how many times can a car chase be shot? And how many different ways can we see someone escape when being pursued? The Bourne Supremacy doesn’t take action films to another level which is one less thing to keep you from feeling completely satisfied.

FRANKLY: The Bourne Supremacy could have been better. There is so much that could be done with Jason Bourne and it feels like the character is being wasted. It’s sad that they never truly push the envelope.

+ Charlie Craine

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