The Brat Pack Movies and Music Collection

The Brat Pack Movies and Music Collection
Cast: Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Anthony Michael Hall
Studio: Universal
Rating: 7/10

CORPORATE LINE: It’s time to break out the neon spandex and acid-washed jeans as the definitive John Hughes films of the ‘80s come together in one incredible 3-movie set, THE BRAT PACK MOVIES AND MUSIC COLLECTION. Reunite with stars Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez as they encounter teen love in Sixteen Candles, teen angst in The Breakfast Club and raging teen hormones in Weird Science. The Brat Pack Movies & Music Collection proves that the Brat Pack is back and here to stay. This DVD collection also comes with a bonus CD featuring music from the films.

THE MOVIES: It seems impossible that anyone over thirty hasn’t seen all or most of these movies. As idiotic as “Weird Science” was its an undeniably fun ‘80s flick. “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club” are true classics.

“Sixteen Candles” is a comedy written and directed by John Hughes. Samantha Baker’s (Molly Ringwald) 16th birthday should be perfect and memorable. Unfortunately, her whole family is preoccupied with her sister’s impending wedding and completely forgets Samantha’s big day. The cast is fantastic; Anthony Michael Hall, John Cusack and of course Molly Ringwald.

The cast of “The Breakfast Club” could have been a who’s who of ‘80s film stars. You have Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Anthony Michael Hall. This is another classic that involves five high school students from different social groups who are forced to spend a Saturday together in detention only to find themselves interacting with and understanding each other for the first time. Director and writer John Hughes brought together fantastic dialogue, even though it feels dated today; it is still a lot of fun.

“Weird Science” is the weakest of the pack. Teenage geeks Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) are sick of being ignored by girls, abused by cool guys, and forced to spend their weekend nights watching nerdy old sci-fi movies. So they create a gorgeous woman that would love them. Look out for Robert Downey Jr.

THE EXTRAS: Each film is remastered and come with the original music from the film. The Brat Pack Music CD songs from these films like
* Spandau Ballet “True”
* General Public “Tenderness”
* Orchestral Manouevures in the Dark “If you Leave”
* Oingo Boingo “Weird Science”
* Yello “Oh Yeah”
* Psychedelic Furs “Pretty in Pink”
* Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me”
* Flesh For Lulu “I Go Crazy”

Sure the DVDs are remastered but where are the extras? It would have been great to get cast interviews or a commentary. Anything would have been better than what we got; nothing.

FRANKLY: These three movies have been released together in The High School Reunion Collection and each has been released separately on DVD. If you remember them or grew up to late to see them the first time around you have to see “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club.”

+ Charlie Craine

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