The Brotherhood Of The Wolf

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Cast: Vincent Cassels
Studio: Universal
Rating: 3/10

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf is all bark and no bite.

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf is a French film that is full of lovely faces like Vincent Cassels and Emilie Dequenne. It has a monster, if you can call it that, as it blurs the line between slosh and just plain annoying.

Watching the film there is a sense that it could have been better. The sets and costumes are quality and the production is on top of its game. However, the film comes up so short you tend to wonder what happened along the way. The script has a good deal to do with that. The story is one we’ve seen dozens of times before. It ends up being more about carnage than a blossoming love story.

The Brotherhood Of The Wolf is just much too long. It drags and drags. I often wished that sorry excuse for a monster would just drag my carcass out of the theater to a more thorough end.

+ charlie craine

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