About Schmidt

About Schmidt
Cast: Jack Nicholson
Studio: new line cinema
Rating: 8/10

The Film Studio Synopsis: Jack Nicholson stars as Warren Schmidt, a man who is set adrift following retirement and the sudden death of his wife. Uncertain about his future as well as his past, Warren packs up his 30-foot Winnebago to set out on a journey across the Nebraska plains to attend his daughter’s (Hope Davis) wedding to a waterbed salesman (Dermot Mulroney). But every step he takes seems wrong, and Warren seems destined to end his life as he lived it: a failure. But along the way, Warren recounts his journey and shares his observations with an unexpected friend – a poor Tanzanian boy he is sponsoring for 73 cents a day. In his long letters to the boy, Warren begins to see himself and the life he has lived with new eyes.

The Good: Jack hasn’t been this guy in a long, long time. Warren Schmidt is a man you feel pity for and this is mostly due to Nicholson’s amazing deft. The film goes from funny to painful to poignant. The narration is witty and doesn’t seem forced, actually the narration is one of the best parts of the film. When is the last time anyone has said that?

The Bad: The film tails off a bit towards the end.

Frankly: About Schmidt opens like a roller coaster ride, but really slows towards the end and that is a shame. Nicholson deserves an Oscar hands down.

+ charlie craine

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