The Animal

The Animal
Cast: Rob Schneider
Studio: Columbia
Rating: 4/10

Rob Schneider’s dopey look can inspire laughs even when nothing else is.

The Animal finds a police evidence clerk down on his luck as he tries to become a policeman like his dad. But this offspring isn’t cut from the same mold. Schneider’s character, Marvin, is the typical geek. The way he fails is too overdone and obvious. It’s often funny, but it didn’t have to be so over the top. What happens is that this dork gets into a car wreck and after a week he finds himself with some new and unusual abilities. Those abilities include being able to run as fast as a horse and swim like a dolphin, plus some other weird things as well.

This movie has no reason for being other than the preceding jokes and the idea that laughs wouldn’t be far behind. The surprise of the movie is Colleen Haskell’s appearance. You might remember her as the honey from the first Survivor.

Honestly, I really wanted to see this movie when I saw the previews. I knew it was going to suck, but I held out hope that this movie would make me bust a gut. Even though I laughed silly a few times, it just didn’t hold. This Animal is pretty timid.

+ charlie craine

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