Wipeout Fusion

Wipeout Fusion
Game: Wipeout Fusion
Platform: PS2
Studio: Bam!
Rating: 5/10

Look: The graphics are okay. Environments are great. The ships could use some work however.

Feel: game play is the downfall. The great thing about previous releases were the ability to raise and lower the ship. Believe me that would help a hell of a lot here. Nothing is more annoying that ramming some ship in the rear and slowing you down. It can drive you crazy. Aside from that there is nothing good about the controls. When you go too fast you can barely hold on and when you are going really fast you usually end up crashing into someone.

Hear: Good sound.

Finally: Without lack of total control this game is lacking. Without that ability this is nothing more than your run of the mill racing game.

+ bboy

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