WWE: Day of Reckoning

WWE: Day of Reckoning
Game: WWE: Day of Reckoning
Platform: Gamecube
Studio: THQ
Rating: 7/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: Think you have what it takes to get into World Wrestling Entertainment? Think again. Welcome to the “minor leagues” of Sports Entertainment, where every rookie jobber in the industry learns the school of hard knocks. Build your favorite Superstar from the ground-up and graduate to the world of WWE programming. From there you will begin your ultimate quest for the elusive WWE Championship Belt. But don’t get too comfortable once you’ve made it, you will need to do more than watch your back to go all the way in this business. In WWE Day of Reckoning for the Nintendo GameCube, hit the ropes against 40 of the WWE’s top Superstars in an all-new story mode where a rookie’s dream becomes a Superstar’s reality.
GRAPHICS: The wrestler models are well done. The faces are well modeled and look like their real life counterparts. The better collision detection is enhanced by much better animation.

PLAY: It’s wrestling and there are fundamental issues that you always hope work like they do in real life—especially accurate body to body contact. The collision detection is quite good. The damage meter is updated and you can better understand what is happening and when to make your move.

Still, gameplay isn’t perfect—occasionally you won’t get a submission move to work when you need it and sometimes you find yourself not getting it together as you’d expect even when you are clearly winning. The AI seems out of wack on occasion. Sometimes you are getting whipped but they don’t go for the kill. Other times the opponent is ridiculously strong and can turn the tables before you know what’s happening.

There are some added matches with a foreign object—like a ladder or table-which can adds a new element of fun. Create-a-wrestler is fun when you start to get bored. You can make choices at finishing moves of old wrestlers who aren’t in the WWE anymore.

SOUND: The commentary has been upgraded—the music is a lot of rock that gets boring fast.

FRANKLY: The story mode is weak and honestly after a while playing the computer gets boring. If you have some friends who like to take their frustrations out on you then by all means grab WWE. This is easily the best wrestling title to date—but how long you can really play a game like this?

+ Richie Wright

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