Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Game: Ultimate Fighting Championship
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Crave
Rating: 9/10

If you like to kick some serious realistic ass, then Crave’s Ultimate Fighting Championship is the game. There are no exaggerated effects or unrealistic moves. Its raw destruction of the flesh.


Tekken has met its match. You know the characters arent real, but on occasion you become so awestruck that you feel like youre controlling a real event.

Even cooler is watching the fighters ring entrances. From the crowd to the fighter animation, you will be quite impressed.

In the ring, youll love the wear and tear the fighters show on their bodies and faces. And if youre familiar with UFC, you know ref John McCarthy who is here as well.


This may or may not be a plus in your book, but I love that you cant just button mash your way out of trouble. It takes a little more mental might than that. Of course, you can stand toe to toe and try to beat someone to a pulp, but if you find yourself in with a grappler, youll find your back on the mat before you can yell in submission.

You can get up to speed pretty quickly; you just cant dominate until you get a feel for your fighter, which could take weeks. And since there are hundreds of moves to be had, rumor is there are thousands, you wont be bored any time soon.


From your seat in the ring, youll hear all the groans and growls. The voices are dead on, and then there is Megadeths “Crush Em” to get you motivated. What more could you want?


For the price of watching one UFC fight on Pay-Per-View, you can have the game and fun for days on end. Since there are different modes to play and the ability to make a fighter from scratch, youll be busy, busy, busy. And if you have a friend or two, you can have them over for some innocent bone crunching.

+ bboy

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