Test Drive Off-Road

Test Drive Off-Road
Game: Test Drive Off-Road
Platform: PS2
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 6.5/10

The PS2 version of Test Drive Off-Road was nothing special. Can they up the ante for the Xbox?

Look: There’s no separation here from the PS2 version. The cars look great, but what about when I’m crunching my fender against a huge boulder? How do I get out of that one safe and sound? This is almost unforgivable.

Feel: The goal is to win the race so you can advance. The first problem is that the game doesn’t feel real. It’s like you are racing on a track of super sticky glue and you’re safe to just punch it full speed and not worry about anything other than winning. Where is the realism in that?

Hear: Well, you’ll get Metallica, and I hope you like them because there isn’t much to choose from here.

Finally: Test Drive Off-Road isn’t all doom and gloom. There is fun in busting through the Utah Moab and other select tracks. But after a few tries, you’re going to find it just as exciting taking your wagon around your own backyard.

+ bboy

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