Time Crisis II

Time Crisis II
Game: Time Crisis II
Platform: PS2
Studio: Namco
Rating: 7.5/10

You get one cool game with a light-gun to boot? Hmmm.

Look: Time Crisis II reminds me a lot of the arcade game. That is bad and good. Bad because there are superior looking games on the PS2, good because although it’s not pushing the limits it still feels right. Sure, it could feel right and look better, but it still looks as fun as it is.

Feel: You can play this without the gun, but for the extra few bucks this gun is worth every cent, especially if you buy this game. If you plan on playing this with a standard controller, then forgive me, but it’s not fun. With the gun it’s a blast without being as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Hear: Pop, pop, pop. Well, okay, the gunshots sound better than that. There are all the sounds you’d expect in a shoot-out. Ouch, eik, yow!

Finally: I’ve never liked gun games on home consoles, maybe it started with the ultra-lame Hogan’s Alley or Duck Hunt. They conned me into buying that expensive gun for those two crappers? Time Crisis II is more than light years ahead.

+ bboy

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