Transworld Surf

Transworld Surf
Game: Transworld Surf
Platform: PS2
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 7.5/10

Look: The waves and water look good. The surfers and the way they move seem odd at times. Seriously, with games in recent memory that had water really kick this in the ass. There is no life in the waves or the surfers. The fall off from the Xbox version is unreal. What happened?

Feel: There are sparkles of fun. It’s extremely hard to pull off a combo move and worse yet just as you think the right wave is under you there seems to be no way to take advantage of it. Before you know it the wave has broke and you are sitting in the foam. There is a good amount of surfers and scenes to play. Cool. However the game feels a bit too much like Tony Hawk at the beach without all the clean controls.

Hear: The sound effects are terrible. The soundtrack are throwaway punk tracks.

Frankly: The best thing you can say about Transworld Surf is that it is the best surfing game out there for the PS2. That’s not really saying much unfortunately. There is a lot lacking here. Rent it.

+ bboy

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