Tony Hawk’s Underground

Tony Hawk's Underground
Game: Tony Hawk’s Underground
Platform: PS2
Studio: Activision
Rating: 8.5/10

Game Company’s Description: Get ready for a totally new breed of the Tony Hawk experience – Tony Hawk’s Underground.
Play as yourself, not a pro skater, and make your way through a plot-twisting, true-to-life story that takes you from unknown local skate punk to fame and fortune as a superstar skater.
For the first time ever, you’ll be able to get off your board and explore 9 expansive levels on foot or by vehicle. Enjoy unprecedented customization by designing and naming your own original tricks through the all-new Create-a-Trick. Or create bigger parks and include your own goals in the expanded Skate Park Editor. After you’re done, share your tricks and parks online with your friends. You can even download your own face into the game! And, with all-new online play – new games, stats, and online rankings – you’ll have infinite expansion through downloadable content.
You’re the star…you own the Underground!

Look: The coolest feature is the fact that you can put your face in the game. Other than that the game looks just like THPS4.

Feel: The usual Tony Hawk game has turned into a whole new fare; a story. You are an unknown skater who has to move on up. It’s a great idea to beef up a game that needed a little makeover. The only issues are that the story isn’t planned well. You get twenty-seven chapters without any monkey wrenches. So the game goes on and you can see it unfold without fear.

You collect many odd things like doughnuts and leis. You get to do other things that you haven’t done in other Tony Hawk games like drive a car and walk around. The thing is this isn’t Grand Theft Auto although you feel like they are shooting at that sort of thing. The driving and walking around is terribly set up and not easy to manage. You do get to manage how hard the game is which is great for people like me who have young kids that want to play without being out before the first chapter is over.

You do get all the great moves that you are used to. Tony Hawk is still the benchmark when it comes to games of this genre and nothing has changed here. It’s not much different than THPS4. With the exception of the larger levels and that you can walk this could be THPS4. But you must ask: why fix something that is near perfect?

Hear: Decent dialogue. There is a ton of dialogue that you haven’t heard before. Thankfully we get another great soundtrack.

Frankly: You can finish this version of Tony Hawk in a solid day. Not as much depth as you’d find in the previous releases. It’s fun of course and who cares if it’s the greatest game in the world as long as we have a new Tony Hawk game for Christmas? Many will be unhappy with the new release of Underground. The story mode can get annoying and the fact that the story is a weak one doesn’t help. Enjoy it, but let’s hope next year we don’t have something similar.

+ Rick Carey

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