Sega Get Bass

Sega Get Bass
Game: Sega Get Bass
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Sega
Rating: 7/10

Fishing is a sport with many positives and negatives. The positives: the smell of the sweet summer air, the adrenaline rush when the fish hits the line, and the great tan you bring home even if you don’t have a single fish on your stringer. The negatives: the stinky fish smell you can’t get off of your hands, putting those nasty little worms on your hook, and the sunburn you almost always get because you are too macho to use lotion.

Finally, you can have all of the fun without the mess.

Sega Bass Fishing’s graphics are beautiful. It’s impressive: the rain rippling across the water, the fish swimming under the surface, and the fantastic landscape. The many different types of scenery are grand, but it is the underwater view that will take your breath away. As you follow the lure back to the boat, you will be amazed as it drags along the lake bottom and kicks up a little debris or glides gently through the water. But it’s not until you get a bass that chases your lure and hooks onto it that you get a real taste for the excitement of the game. Be prepared for the fight of your life.

You must pick the correct lure for the situation. Then you have to know how to use it. Do you reel constantly? Do you yank the rod back and forth? That is only part of the challenge. I consulted a top fishing authority, my dad, about the size of bass. He claims that a two to four pound bass is pretty damn good. I snagged a few nine pound basses, but never was able to get them in the boat. They would either snap my line or become unhooked. I swear I was doing everything right, but perhaps I wasn’t. It is tough. Don’t expect that every fish you hook will certainly make it to your boat. The uncertainty of the fight is the frustrating thing, but growing up a fisherman, I know this is very close to reality.

There are several play modes: practice, original, and arcade modes. The practice mode allows you to get the hang of the game. The arcade mode is a race with the clock. Personally, I disliked this game play. It is annoying and really not very exciting. Original mode makes you compete with other fisherman in order to come in a certain rank to make it to the next round. It’s challenging and exciting. Just as you think you’re doing well, there’s someone else who has hooked twenty more pounds of fish than you have. Better go for the big boys and use the more difficult lures if you plan to compete. The game is fun. To explore the many vast scenes, you’ve got to get some practice. This game has the least amount of appeal before you actually give it a try, but is the biggest surprise of all the games I’ve played. And best yet: no stinky fish hand or soggy sandwiches.

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