Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Game: Silent Hill 2
Platform: PS2
Studio: Konami
Rating: 8.5/10

Silent Hill 2 is one bad-ass, and pretty scary, sequel.

Look: Scary. If Konami sought to make a scary game, they’ve succeeded. From the limited light to the insecurity of what might be around the next corner, this game truly does what it sets out to do. There is also the stunning character details and textures. I knew they were supposed to be good, however, you can’t really understand how good until you witness them firsthand.

Feel: There is a lot of Silent Hill 2 that feels familiar even though the graphics have been jacked to the highest levels. The game is really search and solve like most games of this genre.

Hear: The good is that the soundtrack is spooky, and the monsters are even worse. The characters’ voices aren’t entirely bad, even when they don’t line up with the cat speaking the words.

Frankly: With the chance to work out different endings, you may come again and give it a go. But with a few days of work, you’ll finish the game out and may never come back.

+ bboy

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