Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room
Game: Silent Hill 4: The Room
Platform: Xbox
Studio: Konami
Rating: 7/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: Terror Comes to Your Room! The heart stops where the fear starts?at the entrance to The Room, the latest sequel in the most terrifying game series of all time, Silent Hill. Indescribable dread accompanies Henry Townshend, the main character who finds himself trapped in his own cursed apartment, the victim of complete mental and spiritual possession by a cast of horrendous characters. State-of-the-art technology creates bone-chilling effects that add to the game’s creepy atmosphere and help to complete the psychological nightmare that is Silent Hill 4. For the first time in the Silent Hill series, the game shifts between first and third-person perspectives, adding to the already intense drama. Gamers will be challenged as they solve puzzles while exploring portals to progress through alternate worlds. They will also experience real-time environmental evolution as the alternate world seeps into reality. With a strong emphasis on action that includes real-time weapon and item selection, beautifully detailed environments, and a haunting soundtrack, Silent Hill 4 provides creates a psychological horror that will bring new meaning to the word fear!

GRAPHICS: Konami went all out with the graphics. They have improved on what was already a series that has always boasted stellar graphics. The realistic aspect makes your skin crawl and hands sweat with fear.

PLAY: SH4 has some issues. Most notably–the enemies are creepy but not extraordinary. If anything they become a hindrance to the overall theme. The storyline is weak and that is a surprise. The storyline doesn’t keep you drawn in which is vital if you are ever going to finish a game that relies on its storyline to keep you interested. The fact that the storyline isn’t tied into the previous franchise might be what ails it.

SOUND: The sound is spooky. Just as the graphics make your hands sweat so do the sound effects. What freaks you out is what you don’t see but hear. The voice acting has been upgraded and adds another level of spookiness.

FRANKLY: Silent Hill has been a reliable franchise—too bad the fourth time around is such a let down. SH4 isn’t a bad overall it just not on par with its predecessors. Graphically SH4 is a step up but who buys a game for graphics alone? The gameplay is a let down and it’s hard to make up for such a gapping hole.

+ Richie Wright

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