Aaliyah – Aaliyah review

Artist: Aaliyah
Title: Aaliyah
Label: Virgin
Rating: 8/10

It’s the album a lot of us have been waiting for. After her debut and movie parts and hot singles we get hit with Aaliyah’s latest, a self-titled release.

“We Need A Resolution” is more matured than might have been expected. Aaliyah seems to have shaken the pop tree for a more positively smooth R&B style. Her voice sounds strong and certain that it’s her time to take it all on. Even tracks that might not be singles, like “Rock The Boat” and “Never No More”, still shine through.

The Missy Elliott penned “I Care 4 U” bleeds soulful yearning throughout. “Extra Smooth” is downright sinister and may be the best song Aaliyah has ever recorded. “U Got Nerve” is unique as well and does nothing less than help Aaliyah along into a place all her own. “What If” rolls back to the days when Janet sported nothing but black.

Aaliyah may have taken some time to release this record, and it seems the time was worth it. The beats will rock you, Aaliyah’s voice will move you, the songs don’t hold either back.

+ cc morris

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