Space Colony

Space Colony
Game: Space Colony
Platform: PC
Studio: Gathering
Rating: 7/10

Game Company’s Description: In Space Colony, players join Blackwater Industries, a shady multi-galaxy corporation that is mining resources and establishing colonies on other planets due to the depletion of materials here on Earth. Over the game’s 24 missions, players are challenged to settle a new frontier in space, ensure that their crew works well together, and of course, make a profit!

Space colonists will build various outposts, extract precious metals, establish space chicken farms, fight aliens and try to beat out other multi-galaxy corporations all while managing a crew of 20 dysfunctional space colonists. The crew is critical to the missions. All the characters’ attitudes and work levels are determined by their happiness. And it is their happiness that makes the colony a success or not. With over 100 buildings available to meet the needs of the varied team, and interpersonal relationships to maintain, it’s up to the player to figure out how to keep the crew at bay.

Look: 2D is all you get in many sims and games of a similar genre and no one complains. Same with Space Colony.

Feel: Playing Space Colony is pretty obvious. You build what you need and watch your people either thrive or die. Build a restaurant, hospital, library and so on. There are things to get done, but its not really as exciting as you’d think. You do need to make sure you have resources and able to protect yourself however there doesn’t seem to be a lot of range in path no matter how many new games you play. There are different levels of difficulty, but again you seem to get stuck in the same path.

With cool options like personalities you’d think that there’d be more depth; there isn’t. And you get a goal, meet it and then on to the next mission. It’s the same thing over and over which gets tedious quickly.

Hear: The voice acting is okay as you get different characters with certain personalities – most of which are beyond clichéd. The soundtrack can’t make up for the other lacking elements.

Frankly: Like Civ 3 and the Sims, Space Colony has much in the way of stealing time from your life. There is a lot to do and a good deal of time to waste and for your money that is often as important as how good a game is.

+ Rick Carey

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