Speed Devils

Game: Speed Devils
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Ubi Soft
Rating: 6/10

Speed Devils is a racing game. It’s different from other racing games and it’s chock full of fun. There is something for everyone. If you’re tired of just driving around the same old tracks in the same old cars, then Speed Devils is for you.


The first thing you notice is the cars. You start off with cars from the ’50’s and ’60’s and move up through the decades until you are good enough to drive the more futuristic cars. What’s really cool is that you can choose your car’s style. You can go from the wicked flames to a plain design all the way to some graffiti look.

Then there are the tracks. Wow. All that’s positive here essentially defeats the few negatives. First the negatives. Often the roads come by so quickly that the landscape looks too much like the road and you find yourself driving into a wall or building because you can’t figure out which is which until it’s too late. That could mean the difference between winning and coming in last. Then there is the good. The landscape is simply amazing, from the mountains in the background as you drive through Aspen to the Hollywood track that finds you driving through film lots where you run into Godzilla, King Kong, and Jaws. There is so much that could be given away, but I’ll leave it to you to discover.

I can’t forget to tell you that you must fix your car after a race because the damage you suffer bumping into your competitors as well as trees, buildings, and miscellaneous might slow you down and cost you a race. As you sit in the garage, you should take a look and figure out what needs to be replaced.


Usually race games drive me insane. Speed Devils handles incredibly well. However, you’ll find the three minute plus laps seem mighty long considering you have to complete three laps total for each race. It may take you twenty or more races to complete the first level of competition. Then there is the downplaying of your competition. Your cars pretty much suck at first, and even though the same racer continuously wins, you can beat him ten races later with the same mess of a ride. I guess that can work for or against you.


You get mostly screeching tires and a cool radar tracker. The music is better turned down. You might want to turn on the radio or your favorite cd and just drive like mad.


Speed Devils is fun. That is what matters most. If you can get someone to play you head to head, you’ll have hours, days, and months of endless fun. The arcade mode gets boring quickly. The championship mode lasted me forever. I loved that mode and found myself addicted, until I met the enigma Driver X. Even if it doesn’t use every resource the Dreamcast has to offer, you’ll still enjoy the game for all it’s worth.

+ bboy

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