Game: Spider-man
Platform: PS2
Studio: Activision
Rating: 9/10

Spider-man is here. You’re going to have a ton of fun.

Look: Fantastic. The scenes are great. The collisions and framerates are great and the explosions are amazing. Then we get to Spider-man. The outfit has so much detail that you will be in awe. And nothing will awe you quite like flying through New York.

Feel: The games best aspect is the game play. There are things here that you’ve only dreamed about. The combats are unique and that makes it fun. There are tons of things to keep your thumbs busy. There is a degree of difficulty, but once you master it rest assured it will pay off. The most amazing combat parts are fights in the air. The rumble with the Green Goblin is insane.

Hear: The addition of the voices of Toby Maquire and Willam Dafoe are a neat touch. The music that accompanies the game is okay. The sound effects work.

Frankly: There is a huge wow factor with Spider-man. With the amazing graphics and controls you’re bound to be amazed.

+ bboy

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