Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2
Game: Spider-Man 2
Platform: Nintendo DS
Studio: Activision
Rating: 7/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: Two years have passed since Peter Parker first hit the streets of New York City as the conflicted crime-fighter Spider-Man. Now he finds himself battling his most diabolical villain yet, the mechanized, multi-tentacled Doc Ock. The nefarious Doc Ock was once Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant nuclear physicist. But a freak accident transformed him from a timid researcher to a criminally insane megalomaniac who blames Spider-Man for his horrible transformation. Now the scientist Peter once idolized for his remarkable intellect has marked our web-slinger for death.

Experience total freedom as you soar through the concrete canyons of a living, breathing Manhattan, complete with familiar landmarks and bustling, traffic-clogged streets. True non-linear gameplay (GameCube™, PlayStation®2, and Xbox® only) means you can web-swing wherever you like, whenever you like, exploring the vast metropolis and reliving scenes from the Spider-Man 2™ movie. Combat petty thugs and aid NYC citizens in challenging side-quests, or pursue the lunatic Doc Ock and other classic Spider-Man rivals. The decision is yours. Take Manhattan for a spin in Spider-Man 2™.

PLAY: Spider-Man 2 plays a bit differently on the DS than through the other platforms—it is less open for exploration and more linear. You are stripped of all the excitement of checking out various details yet it doesn’t take away all of the fun.
Without the freedom there are additions like many different moves. You can unlock the moves as you journey through the game which offers incentives. There is some use of the touchscreen during the boss fights and it’s an interesting way to incorporate the screen and certainly we can expect some great use of this screen in the future.

The fighting system could have been better. The contact between Spider-man and the bad guys is odd. It seems as if you have to be right on top of the enemy in order to strike them which can also lead to your getting attacked.

GRAPHICS: It’s not the Xbox but for the DS these graphics are quite good. This is much improved over the GBA version. The environments are well designed and details. The scrolling always feels like it is 3D—either that or it is one fantastic optical illusion.

FRANKLY: Spider-Man 2 is a solid first release for the DS.

+ Richie Wright

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