Game: Stuntman
Platform: PS2
Studio: Atari
Rating: 6/10

Look: Looks a good deal like Driver. The graphics could be better. We come to expect a lot from a game so hyped and on the PS2. There are some frame rate problems.

The cut scenes are really good with little film trailers of the stunts and what is going on. But when it comes to the car and more it’s pretty basic.

Feel: this also feels like Driver. You have a time limit for which you must complete your tasks. The car doesn’t seem to handle that well and on top of that you don’t get to pick your car, which sucks. You do get different cars for different stunts. The best part of the game is the stunt constructor mode where you get to set it all up.

Hear: The sound effects are done well, but the voice-overs are irritating after a while.

Frankly: There is a quality of this game that is good and then there is a part that is bad. The part that you have to memorize each little part of the level is annoying. It really takes away a good deal of the fun of adventure. Restarting over and over again is the most irritating thing you can imagine.

+ bboy

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