Super Dragon Ball Z

Super Dragon Ball Z
Game: Super Dragon Ball Z
Platform: PS2
Studio: Atari
Rating: 0/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: From the producer of the acclaimed Street Fighter II game comes Super DBZ®, a new, highly intense DBZ fighting experience unlike any other Dragon Ball Z game. Super DBZ features an all new DBZ fighting system plus intense combos for super damage! With multiple unique special attacks and fighting styles for all 18 characters, Super DBZ gives players a more hard-core 3D fighting experience in the air or on the ground, complete with enough super-fast combination moves and dynamic battle scenes to satisfy any DBZ buff.

* An all-new DBZ fighting system, with more intense combos that cause more damage than any DBZ game ever created
* Unique fighting moves and styles for all 18 characters
* Super-fast combination moves and battle scenes
* Ability to strategically use the terrain to fight
* 3D fighting on the ground and in the air
* All new version of Mecha Frieza to unlock

PLAY: There are eighteen fighters that are ready to brawl. After some practice time you get a great handle on the characters and get ready to take on all comers. Characters have a subtle amount of customizing that can be done as you build up your skill and get points that allow you to better your character.

Playing against the computer isn’t nearly as much fun as beating up on friends. There are areas of Super Dragon Ball Z that limit play. This isn’t exactly a major step forward in the franchise. There aren’t a plethora of reversals or countermoves.

GRAPHICS: Now that the life of the PS2 is coming to a close, Super Dragon Ball Z isn’t much to look at. It’s an anime game through-and-through with lots color and cool animations but don’t mistake this for looking like a cartoon.

SOUND: The voiceovers are nice and the music is plain.

FRANKLY: Super Dragon Ball Z is fun—for those who have friends that can spend a significant amount of time playing head-to-head on the other end of an ass kicking. If it’s just you and the computer, Super Dragon Ball Z quickly falls apart.

+ Richie Wright

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