Race Driver 2006

Race Driver 2006
Game: Race Driver 2006
Platform: PSP
Studio: Codemasters
Rating: 8/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Many video games have different versions released for different geographic locations, and content often varies between these versions. The European version of Codemaster’s TOCA RACE DRIVER 2 for the PS2 had several new tracks and other options that weren’t available to US gamers until now. TOCA RACE DRIVER 2006 for the PSP includes everything from both the US and European versions of TOCA RACE DRIVER 2 plus more. The core game is still TOCA RACE DRIVER 2, so gamers familiar with it and the TOCA series will be able to pick the game up quickly, and newcomers to the series won’t have to put in that much practice time to learn the controls. The biggest draw of TOCA RACE DRIVER 2006 is the extra content, which is massive. Up to 21 cars are on the track at once, which can lead to some huge pile-ups and intense racing action. The game includes dozens of different cars, including the Pontiac Firebird 400, the Koenig GT, and the Dodge Charger. There are also over 60 circuits, including ten new international courses like Shanghai and Nashville that are only available in the new PSP version of the game. When it comes to different types of racing, TOCA RACE DRIVER 2006 has just about everything. Players can compete in sports car racing, street racing, rallies, rally crosses, grand prix, stockcar oval racing, and more. All of this, plus career mode and multiplayer options, make TOCA RACE DRIVER 2006 a must-have game for racing fans.

PLAY: Race Driver 2006 is closer in line with Gran Turismo than any other racing game out—and that is good company. The difference is that RD2006 has an interesting story to go along with the racing. There are also different modes that offer up some great races that can happen quickly so you aren’t trying to rush through it while you’re exiting the train or the plane. Add that in combo with longer races, this is everything you could ask for in a handheld racing game.

The story is pretty straight-forward as you move along by winning races. There is also a Free Race mode where you can take on any track with the car that corresponds with the race. It’s almost like a chance to test drive cars and different race tracks.

GRAPHICS: This is in the top five best looking game on the PSP. The cars and environments and there is great crash physics. The damage to the cars is wonderful.

SOUND: The sound effects are great. The cars sound realistic—in headphones at least. The voice-over work is impressive for a handheld game.

FRANKLY: Race Driver 2006 is the best racing game on the PSP to date.

+ Richie Wright

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