Bush – Golden State

Artist: Bush
Title: Golden State
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 3/10

Bush is still around? Wow, what a surprise. Golden State is arriving and it’s a sign these boys haven’t given up on a style that seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Bush thinks they have the “Solutions”, but I just have more questions. Why are they so bent on being Nirvana and are they ever going to change their sound? I’m not asking for a total overhaul, just not “Everything Zen” redone a few dozen times, which is exactly what they resort to again on “The People That We Love.”

There is a song that sounds either like an ode to a blow-up doll or a girlfriend that likes getting all things bad in “Reasons”. This ballad is not going down so smoothly.

“Handful Of Ghosts” is terrible. The words are lost on me with a verse and chorus that loses: “ghostman where is my head.” What in the hell is that about? And did anyone tell Bush there are already a hundred songs that came out in the last year about “Superman”? There are a few other superheroes they could have chosen. Why not a song on Aquaman? I mean, they are sucking air about now anyway, aren’t they?

I believe that Atlantic Records signed Bush because they figured no matter how bad this record is, they’ll sell units. Perhaps that is true, but Golden State is the end of the road for Bush.

+ rae gun

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