Rengoku 2

Rengoku 2
Game: Rengoku 2
Platform: PSP
Studio: Konami
Rating: 6/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Rengoku 2 is the sequel to the hit action game. The tower of Rengoku is a never-ending show of hell and its dark wonders, where war lives eternal. This is where the Autonomous Dueling Armed Machines (ADAMs) were banished; in the past they were efficient weapons of war, but with the tides of peace came the end of their usefulness. Time passes and in one long forgotten Rengoku, one ADAM began its awakening…

* Fight your way through themed levels based on the Seven Deadly Sins
* Character designed by renowned visualist Jun Suemi
* Customize weaponry, armor and accessories from more than 300 different rare and unique items
* Ad-Hoc Competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players with one cartridge
* Expand the game with downloadable online content, including new maps and items

PLAY: You are ADAM and you collect weapons to destroying enemies as well as items as a reward. Weapons can be used with your arms, head, or body. We found that if you overuse a certain part of the body that houses a weapon it will burn out or stop working causing a complete loss of the weapon. It really didn’t seem logical and can be extremely frustrating when you find on very powerful weapon of choice.

The fighting system is painful—and unfortunately it isn’t much of an upgrade from the original release. It’s hard to pull off combos but there is an issue with the slowdown and your ability to use different guns and shooting them. Perhaps it’s a PSP thing, but for a game that gives bonuses for combos it’s supremely hard to pull one off. That makes it a waste of time trying to string together combos. This version is really all about how quickly you can press buttons.

Another complaint, when you die every weapon disappears. That can be extremely frustrating when you have a strong weapon and you aren’t able to recover it. That makes it nearly impossible to make your way through the increasingly difficult levels. You can save your levels however if you get a long way through the level and don’t make it to a terminal you’re out of luck.

GRAPHICS: The characters are plain and none of them look much different. The environments are generic and hurt the overall enjoyment of playing.

SOUND: The sound effects are nothing to write about—they are completely unforgettable. The soundtrack itself is generic rock and techno—but they its far more interesting than the rest of the game.

FRANKLY: Rengoku 2 is a follow-up to a game that was real unimpressive. It’s amazing that the sophomore release isn’t much better. Konami had plenty of time to fix the many mistakes of the original and barely scratched the surface.

+ Richie Wright






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