Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War
Game: Rome: Total War
Platform: PC
Studio: Activision
Rating: 9/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: The much anticipated Rome: Total War™ is a multi-award winner. At E3 2004, it was named IGN Best PC Game of Show, GameSpy Best Strategy Game of Show, Game Critics Best Strategy Game of Show runner up, Game Revolution Best Strategy Game, Wargamer Best of Show, and, at E3 2003, it was awarded Game Critics Awards: Strategy Game of Show.

Create, rule, conquer and manipulate the Roman Republic and Empire to become the “Imperator” of Rome in this award-winning game from the highly-acclaimed Total War™ series. Fight as, or against ancient history’s most legendary generals including Julius Caesar, Hannibal and the rebel Spartacus.

From the Punic Wars against Carthage to the death of Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome, control mighty armies of up to 10,000 fully polygonal, highly detailed, motion-captured warriors clashing in panoramic real-time battles.

At your disposal are over a hundred different troop types including legionaries, hoplites, barbarian hordes, war elephants, gladiators and scythe chariots to colossal war machines such as siege towers, battering rams and catapults hurling flaming missiles. The stage is set for carnage on more than 10,000 unique battlefields based on the topography of Europe and North Africa.

Conflict is not the only way to gain favor with the senate and people of Rome, however, as politics, diplomacy the gladiatorial games will play key roles in your quest to be declared Imperator.

Dominate and reign over one of the most powerful empires in history.
GRAPHICS: The graphics are superb. When your armies clash you’ll see realistic collisions such as when the elephants fall they actually crush the men around them. Also, when the cavalry crash into the front lines soldiers go flying. The 3D map is astounding. Rome: Total War is filled to the brim with detail that is so intricate you can’t believe they took the time to be so thorough. The battles are wonderful to bestow. There is a genuine tension and feeling of savageness as you watch soldiers trying to save their own lives while killing their opponents.

PLAY: Rome: Total War is a fantastic RTS game that requires a great deal of time, skill, and patience. Multiplayer is fantastic but we will focus the review on single player. The goal is to expand your faction and it’s up to you how you proceed. Want to be evil? That’s fine, but you better be ready to have a lot of enemies.

A tutorial helps the uninitiated. Believe me, you’ll want to try the tutorial as Rome: Total War is not easy. You won’t successfully plug your way through and learn on the go. If you try to wing it you’ll fail miserably. The depth of attacks is amazing as you need to set up your archers, cavalry, and grunts on the ground strategically—don’t try to attack like Braveheart because it won’t work.

The battles are phenomenal. You can fight in a historic battle or you can choose an enemy to take it to and go make your own history. Another option is a quick battle. There are so many aspects to choose from that it could make your head swim. Speaking of swimming, you can transport your troops by sea. It opens up a whole new style of battle.

SOUND: When the armies march the audio is wonderfully captured. The music and sound effect fits the battles well and engulf you in each charge and cue you for the destruction.

FRANKLY: There are so many factions to choose that you are guaranteed unlimited play potential. Rome: Total War is a must own for anyone who seeks the headiest, and all encompassing games available.

+ Richie Wright

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