Game: Orphen
Platform: PS2
Studio: Activision
Rating: 6/10

Orphen proves looks can be deceiving.

Orphen is a beautiful game. Just about everything I saw impressed me. The scenes are fantastic. The monster’s fantastic. But then you have to play the game, right?

This is where the looks deceive. Orphen has a few spells, and picks up more skills along the way, but there’s a lot to be desired. To me, you just keep spinning the wheel. It’s just repetition. And that gets really boring.

The voices are lame. I didn’t want to be this harsh, but how could such a terrific- looking game cut so many corners? The music isn’t half as bad as what the characters spew.

This is the sort of game that once you walk your way through it, you won’t be taking the same trek again any time soon.

+ bboy

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