Port Royale

Port Royale
Game: Port Royale
Platform: PC
Studio: Tri Synergy
Rating: 9/10

Game Company’s Description: A wonderful and compelling RTS SIM. Unscripted, completely dynamic, open ended world, set in a real historic location. Some of the best graphics on any game in this genre. A unique and fluid gameplay style and content that contains trading, sea battles, expeditions, voyages, missions and hunt for buried treasure. Endless gameplay.

Look: Good looking game. Not steller. There could have been more detail and items like the Governors could have a different look or add something deeper like cuts to scenes with different scenarios. The towns looked to much a like to be able to tell the difference on sight alone.

Feel: The best aspect of Port Royale is that you can either be really bad or be really good or somewhere in-between. You can go Pirate and kill or be killed or be a good guy merchant but you risk meeting up with some bad Pirates or bad merchants. You can’t seem to win either way, or can you? I found myself sitting on both sides of the fence whenever it suited my situation. Sometimes I even hunted the pirates in order to win myself a nice bounty. The best part of Port Royale is its flexibility.

You get to shoot at ships and other targets and run your ship the way you see fit. I was dying for a good sword fit but there is no hand to hand combat. Please oh please can Tri Synergy add this in the expansion or next release. What fun would it be to swing across the ship with sword in hand like in the old pirate movies?

Fighting isn’t the only aspect. You have to trade or you won’t make it. And you have to be smart about it or you’ll lose big. But the stakes can get big in that you can win the Governor of a town’s daughter for marriage if you achieve a mission.

There were some problems with bugs and full crashes. Luckily there is an auto save that saves every 5 minutes.

Hear: You own Civ? There isn’t much of a difference in the atmospheric sounds. It doesn’t matter.

Frankly: This is the most fun I’ve had since Civ 3. Hours upon endless hour I’ve spent tinkering around the Caribbean. The fun never ends. Argh!

+ Rick Carey

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