Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill

BUSHWICK BILL AKA DR. WOLFGANG VON BUSHWICKIN THE BARBARIAN MOTHER-FUNKY STAY HIGH DOLLAR BILLSTIR…My last name was Bushwick Motherf**king Bill, so I had to upgrade it to show some expansion and to show everybody who the biggest Geto Boy of all is. My new name is Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin the Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir.I call myself Dr. because that is someone who must be precise when they execute their job. The Wolfgang is because on the cool, I’m into classical music and my favorite artist is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Bushwickin has to do with me being a father now and producing my own next of kin. So now I’m reproductive both verbally and physically. The Barbarian is to show that I still have the mind of a lunatic and that nothing’s changed as far as me coming hard-core rough and rugged. Mother Funky Stay High is a manifestation of the aftermath of chronic-izm. Dollar Bill because I’m currently currency in the United States and abroad. Finally, “stir” is on the end because when I kick shit I always manage to stir something up, whether it’s the police, parents or p**sy.

He’s one of the most recognized and respected artists in rap music. As a solo artist and member of the Geto Boys, he has written and performed music on three gold and platinum albums, all of which have gone to the top spot on various charts and sold close to three million copies. In 1988 Bushwick and label mate, Gangsta Nip, won renown for co-opting and reinventing the horror movie style in his music and lyrics. That style of graphic rap would later be known as horror-core.

Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwick the Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billstir aka Bushwick Bill was born in the Trenchtown section of Jamaica and while he was still a youngster, he moved to the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, N.Y. Tired of New York City and anxious for a change of scenery, he moved to Houston, Texas in 1987, where he would become a member of the fledgling rap group, the Geto Boys. “When I met James Smith I was just a dancer and then he told me that I could rap and he was right. Then he hooked me up with John Bido-One from JungleStyle and he helped me develop my recording skills and the rest has been history.” Remembers Bushwickin. He remains the only original member of the Geto Boys group that began back in ’87.

In 1991 Bushwickin had a near fatal encounter with grain alcohol and a .22 caliber pistol in a much publicized shooting incident. Bill explains, “I was stupid and halfway out of my mind at the time. It was unfortunate that I had to go through the situation to straighten out my life, but it didn’t kill me, so you know that it made me stronger.” Bill continues, “I see the world from a whole different perspective now and I realize that there is too much to strive for to go out over something stupid.”

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