Game: NASCAR 07
Platform: PSP
Rating: 7/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: NASCAR 07 makes you take risks, be rewarded, and become a champion. Use skill and instinct during the most intense race situations as you control the outcome by avoiding disastrous wrecks and flying debris. Every driver (and every race) takes on the characteristics of real-life NASCAR, from the aggressive style of experienced veterans to the reckless approach of the rookie drivers. With all-new speed blurring and realistic spark and smoke effects, feel your heart pump and your pulse race as the all-out drama and intensity of 190-mph racing comes at you like never before with NASCAR 07. Take on a new 1-on-1 time trial racing experience with driver Kenny Wallace to earn special contracts in the Fight to the Top mode.
Key Features

* Build up the all-new Momentum Meter by surviving the most dangerous situations in NASCAR racing
* Adjust your car to handle exactly how you want with a user-friendly sliding scale, for complete control behind the wheel
* Compete against a wide range of drivers with specific attributes – from inexperienced rookies to talented veterans
* Put it all on the line by wagering cash against real-world drivers. Use winnings for significant upgrades or scramble to climb out of a hole when losing big
* Experience 190-mph intensity like never before with all-new speed effects that fully deliver the exhilarating action of NASCAR

PLAY: NASCAR 07 on the PSP is a lot like the console release. Some things had to be tweaked because of the limitations of the PSP—however these differences are very small. One missing element is team control because of the lack of two right hand controls. Honestly, it really didn’t matter to me whether the team control was available—it actually gave me more of a chance to focus on racing rather than worrying about doing two things at once—which would be particularly difficult on the PSP.

This isn’t a huge upgrade from last year’s console version. There are some tweaks here and there but nothing significant. This isn’t any really that different from last year’s release and the year before. Instant Rewind is great at letting you jump right into the game and play right away. The steering is a bit more difficult to deal with on the PSP. It’s far too easy to over-steer. The PS2 version has the same problem and its only amplified on the PSP. Similar to the PS2, the PSP version ramps up the AI and I don’t mind a good challenge.

GRAPHICS: The PSP version is nowhere near the quality of the PS2—and it doesn’t need to be. NASCAR isn’t on par with Race Driver 2006 in terms of graphics and yet its highly exciting to play. The vehicles are decent while the tracks are very generic.

SOUND: The music, as with all EA games, is very good. EA hits the target market with country style rock. The car sound effects are good as well.

FRANKLY: Its fun to be able to take NASCAR 07 with you. The career mode makes playing NASCAR fun for a long time.

+ Richie Wright






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