NASCAR 06: Total Team Control

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control
Game: NASCAR 06: Total Team Control
Platform: PS2
Studio: EA
Rating: 8.5/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: Take command of the biggest teams in NASCAR and build a multi-car dynasty. Take a look at how squad-based racing lets you communicate with your crew chief, spotters, and on-track allies to help maneuver your team to the front of the pack on your PlayStation2. Earn the title of teammate, champion, and hero as you master the art of squad-based racing in NASCAR 06!

* All-New Voice Commands: As the first console racing game to use voice-recognition technology, you have the edge. Call out to teammates for help, talk to your crew chief for real-time info on track conditions, as well as activate in-game menu options.
* New Dynamic Car Swapping: using the right analog stick, take control of your teammate’s car during a race and bring him to the front.
* New Interactive Crew Chief: with eight new controller commands such as Pitting With Teammates and Blocking and Holding Position, you will feel what it’s like to race as a team and move to the front of the pack.
* Driver Attributes: each driver has his own personality and performance characteristics matching his real-life counterparts.
* Create the Top Racing Team: Create your character and work your way up the NASCAR ranks, building-up the ultimate team. Take the helm of your own racing organization and position yourself to out-perform real-world NASCAR teams, or even own them.

PLAY: The best part of the ’06 release is the physics. NASCAR is no longer a game that you will go in and dominate—especially if you make a mistake. You have to be a bit more cautious when you bump a car or nudge them or it might be you spinning into the wall.

The team control is a lot of fun—and extremely useful. You can race in a pack and move your way up. As a team you don’t have to worry about your partner being another competitor. Your teammate is helping you win. Also, you can block other racers or use your partner as a slingshot into the lead. A great addition is car swapping. It takes time to get good at it but when you learn how to do it you’ll find the game much more exciting.

GRAPHICS: As usual EA pushes the limits on graphics—we can only imagine what these games will look like on the 360 and PS3 because it seems like they’ve gone as far as they can go for the PS2. The atmosphere is amazing as are the shadows. If you want to talk about realism—the shadows help you feel like you are there.

SOUND: EA always gives gamers great tracks. The rock and country fits the NASCAR fan well. The sound effects are strong. The biggest issue is the voice recognition. When it works its great—when it doesn’t become a minor annoyance.

FRANKLY: Multiplayer is still strong and always a lot of fun—especially when you win. Fans of NASCAR will want to buy this—even if they have last year’s edition. The total team control is a fantastic evolution of NASCAR games and if you play it once you couldn’t imagine playing another NASCAR game without it.

+ Richie Wright

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