NASCAR Heat 2002

NASCAR Heat 2002
Game: NASCAR Heat 2002
Platform: PS2
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 7.5/10

The realistic damage on your car alone is impressive. Finally someone got it right. This is what you expect out of a racing game. When a car bumps you, your front fender shouldn’t be pushed into your engine. The cars obviously look great, from the lighting to the little things like tires.

The racing is fun. I’m not a NASCAR fan at all, but I loved the competition of this game. Even better is the fact that you can race as your favorite driver in their exact car. That makes the game worth every cent.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Might not be dead on, but if it doesn’t feel like you are there, then at least you know you are racing.

Best thing about this game is the career mode. The worst thing is the fact that you have to drive around in circles for what seems like forever.

+ bboy

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