NASCAR Thunder 2002

NASCAR Thunder 2002
Game: NASCAR Thunder 2002
Platform: Xbox
Studio: EA
Rating: 6.5/10

Like to drive a race car around a circle for hours on end? Perhaps NASCAR Thunder 2002 is right for you.

Look: This is a game? I thought it was a video we could play. Actually, there is a lot to appreciate in this version for the Xbox. From the pit to the track, this game has topped all NASCAR, perhaps all racing games, to date.

Feel: The game begins with goals to keep your sponsors. This is really a great way to play. Even though you have a short-sighted goal with each game of actually coming in first, there is now much more to lose when you don’t get the ultimate win or even something to win even if you lose. The cars handle very well, surprisingly well.

Hear: You won’t hear anything more here than you will on the television. So there is very little to mention.

Finally: Even though I can’t watch one minute of NASCAR on television, I love this game. The competition is fierce, the crashes are worse, and the realism is beyond belief. If you love the competition, if you crave the big race, then Thunder is the game and Xbox is the system.

+ bboy

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