Game: NBA 2K1
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Sega
Rating: 8.5/10

Last year, Sega put out NBA 2K. It was perhaps the best basketball game ever released, but it had some areas in need of improvement.

Look: They smoothed out the players’ features. Maybe a little too much, however, as some guys look like body builders. But how many of you really care about that? The new animation for slams is the coolest.

Feel: The offense has been tweaked, but not to perfection. If you had the offense down last year, you’ll hop right in now. The defense is still hard to handle. It’s often easier to just stand around because you know your boys will back you up.

Sound: Did someone just call me a ? I don’t know, but the best sounds lie in the smack talked. The color commentary is a joke.

Finally: They’ve improved the game, but next year’s version will probably be the best ever.

+ bboy

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