NBA Ballers

NBA Ballers
Game: NBA Ballers
Platform: PS2
Studio: Midway
Rating: 9/10

Game Company’s Description: NBA Ballers is the exclusive one-on-one basketball videogame highlighting the “bling-bling” lifestyle of NBA superstars: chromed-out cars, ice, ladies, tatts and jets all hinge on the killer cross-over. NBA Ballers also features NBA legends dropping dimes and dunking in your grill to determine who is the greatest baller of all time.

Look: The first thing you notice is how amazingly lifelike these models are. The faces are ridiculous. When you choose your player there is a close up of each–Wow! Not only are the faces modeled well, but the bodies are fantastic and fluid. Speaking of fluidity, the animations are gorgeous and glitch-free. Midway pushed it to the limits and it paid off.

Feel: The game play is one-on-one and played best out of three. The rules are based on losers out, win by two, and if you get a rebound you have to take it outside the three point arc to reset. Aside from that it’s on.

There are cool street moves and tricks like bouncing a ball of your opponent’s head and leaving the opponent in your dust with your crossover dribble. There are some issues however. The guards aren’t lightening quick like you’d expect—especially compared to a center. It would have been better if those aspects were based closer to reality—especially since we’ve all fantasized what it would be like if Yao Ming took on a shorty like Stephon Marbury or Allen Iverson. This gets close to that fantasy.

Hear: The soundtrack is good—hip-hop of course. The comments by MC Supernatural are funny the first few times you hear them but get repetitive fast. The crowd is more interesting and the sound of the game is the best aspect.

Frankly: The features in NBA Ballers are fantastic. Got juice? Wanna take it to the house? If you do that backboard is coming down. There is a lot to love about NBA Ballers and only a few things to dislike. If you don’t buy it then you’ll need to rent it four or five times so you can whip on your friends. Not to mention—how are you going to buy all those cribs if you rent it?

+ Ralphie Wright

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