NBA Live 07

NBA Live 07
Game: NBA Live 07
Platform: Xbox 360
Studio: EA
Rating: 6/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Take your game to the highest level in NBA LIVE 07. With all-new EA SPORTS™ Total Freestyle Control and revolutionary gameplay-complete with ultra-realistic moves and player emotions-the highly acclaimed basketball video game from the EA SPORTS™ brand plays as good as it looks. Pull off moves only the pros perform as you replicate the styles of your favorite NBA players. Elevate to the rim for an electrifying dunk and bring the crowd to its feet, or look to your superstars to shift momentum with the game on the line. Featuring all-new levels of ability for your EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Superstars and the power to switch their skills on-the-fly, the hardwood is yours for the taking in NBA LIVE 07.
Powered by the most intelligent and intuitive gameplay engine ever created, experience realism like never before during All-Star Weekend, and an advanced Dynasty Mode™ that challenges you to manage your team to the NBA Finals. While online*, never miss breaking news with the most advanced ESPN integration package ever offered with news in-game while you play, including ESPN Motion and radio podcasts. Whether challenging your rivals at home or online anywhere in the world, your game has been elevated to the next level with NBA LIVE 07.
Key Features

* EA SPORTS™ Total Freestyle Control: Take complete control of EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Superstars to perform the true-to-life moves of a High Flyer, Shooter, Scorer, or Playmaker, then elevate your game to the next level by changing skill attributes on-the-fly. Toggle through your Freestyle Superstar moves at any time to decide how your stars win the game.
* Take Over the Game: Use the all-new progressive control system to maneuver your Freestyle Superstars to elevate their play and take over the game. Perform a spectacular move to dazzle the crowd and boost your team’s momentum. Feel the intensity rise as your defensive stopper, veteran leader, or fan favorite steps up in key situations.
* Hundreds of Moves: Freestyle Superstars now feature different levels of ability to replicate NBA players, giving you ultimate control over hundreds of moves. But only the game’s greatest players can rise to the highest level so get the ball in their hands when the game is on the line.
* Signature Jump Shots: The game’s best players have their signature jump shots replicated in-game for true-to-life authenticity.
* Unprecedented ESPN Integration: With the most advanced ESPN integration package ever offered, the worldwide leader in sports delivers updates, scores, breaking news, radio podcasts and ESPN Motion.
* New AI System: Introducing an intuitive game engine specifically designed for Next Generation consoles. Take full control of your offensive game with team-specific plays, such as the triangle offense and the pick-and-roll. Assert your dominance on defense with the ability to elevate into the air to block shots or grab one-handed rebounds.
* NBA All-Star Weekend: ESPN analyst Greg Anthony and TNT broadcaster Ernie Johnson call the action as you showcase your skills in the Slam Dunk Contest and 3 Point Shootout. The weekend includes the Rookie Challenge and the prestigious NBA All-Star Game.
* Advanced Dynasty Mode™: Take charge of your favorite team by becoming GM and experience the challenge of managing team chemistry throughout the season. Scout players, propose trades and investigate rumors to keep your team on track from the NBA Draft to the NBA Finals.
* Voices of the NBA: Former Chicago Bulls star Steve Kerr joins the legendary Marv Albert courtside. Together they call all the action from the best seats in the house, giving you expert insight on all the superstars.

PLAY: Michael Jordan could defy gravity and now everyone in NBA Live 07 feel as though they can’t figure out how to get off the floor. Nothing feels natural. NBA Live 07 is more like the senior citizen circuit. The fluidity of the game is lost.

There are different levels of players in this game—a concept that is either overplayed or underplayed regarding skill sets. The idea is that every player has their place in the game—some shoot, some dunk, some pass, and so on. There is also the Total Freestyle Control which is basically too difficult to deal with during the game so it’s nearly impossible to utilize. It’s button overload. Not to mention when you finally get a chance to use Total Freestyle Control you either fly like a bird and dunk as if on the moon or end up mashing buttons and missing your mark and losing the ball.

The different modes are Dynasty, All-Star Weekend, Superstar, and Online mode. Unfortunately, the different modes can’t help the poor execution. The Online mode is a train-wreck. It’s slow, choppy, and impossible to play.

GRAPHICS: A lot of time was spent on the player models—not much seemed to be fixed with the animation from the 06 release. Players dribble without appearing to pick up their feet and the broken physics engine didn’t get any better. The players’ models are fantastic—at least EA got that right. The players look like their real-life counterparts—even the sweat is a cool. There also appear to be facial expression on the players.

SOUND: NBA Live 07 is just like every EA release when it comes to the soundtrack—it’s fantastic. The commentary by Marv Albert is decent—if not too monotonous.

FRANKLY: Nothing about NBA Live 07 has changed for the better. A year after the rough start for EA, NBA Live 07 is one of the biggest letdowns of the Xbox 360 releases.

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