NFL Street 2

NFL Street 2
Game: NFL Street 2
Platform: PS2
Studio: EA
Rating: 8/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: NFL STREET 2 carries on the popular legacy of combining real football action with cool, stylish plays and adds a whole new dimension to gameplay with new high flyin’ football that includes wall moves, big air and style catches for the very first time in a football game. Receivers can now get airborne up to 15 feet high, run off the walls, change passing lanes by running the QB up a building, and take advantage of eye-popping wall jukes and all-new hurdles. Players will descend on Bay City’s 10 new environments to build their teams, their reps, and their battle plans one field at a time.
One of the highlights of NFL STREET 2 is Street Events, short mini-game styled offerings that include Crush the Carrier, Jump Ball Battle, Open Field Showdown, 2 Minute Challenge, 4 on 4 and Quick Strike. With the all-new Own the City mode you can create your player utilizing an all new player creation system, master new skills and hit the streets. You are able to recruit the best players as you build a reputation and dominate the competition, taking over new neighborhoods and defending your turf until you Own the City. Once you build your player to legendary status you will be able to import him into Madden NFL 2006. With each area that you dominate you can take it over as your own and eventually earn the chance to take on hip hop artist Xzibit.
The EA TRAX titles for the NFL STREET 2 soundtrack include tracks from Xzibit, Papa Roach, Nas, Sum 41 and the Ying Yang Twins. Also featured are exclusive tracks from Planet Asia, Bishop Lamont, Red Tape and Royce da 5’9 & Kid Vicious which can only be heard in the game.
PLAY: There isn’t much of an upgrade over last year’s version. The moves, playbook, gamebreaker and most of the controls are duplicated in the sequel. The addition of the walls and being able to use it during the game is one of the upgrades. NFL Street 2 offers two gamebreaker meters that allow for some really cool moves. The new additions add some new excitement to NS2 it makes it nearly impossible to play defense.

Without being petty, NFL Street 2 is still a hell of a lot of fun. It’s wildly entertaining and as fast and fun as the original. There are challenges where you start as nobodies and try to compete in order to go against the NFL players. There is also the addition of “Own the city” which entails Xzibit as your trainer for street football. It’s not entirely different than the NFL challenge mode.

There is the option up unlocking clothing and other items. It’s not very interesting however if you are into that sort of thing it adds some more value to the game however has nothing to do with gameplay.

GRAPHICS: This looks exactly like the original. The player models, backgrounds, everything looks nearly identical. If you own the original you might be aggravated that it seems like an extension of the first. However, if this is your first experience with NFL Street you’ll enjoy the design. It looks good no doubt but there could have been better tweaks and some new player models to distinguish it from the last.

SOUND: The sounds of the game are boring. The grunts and taunts are mostly generic and poorly done. Actually it’s nearly impossible to tell what wasn’t reused from the original. The soundtrack is a hodgepodge of rock and rap—mostly mainstream and not very exciting.

FRANKLY: NFL Street 2 is fun if you have friends or you are going to play online. There is no real challenge against the computer. If you get a bunch of friends over and play some tournaments you can get hours and hours of fun however without it you’ll be sadly disappointed.

+ Richie Wright

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