NHL 2001

NHL 2001
Game: NHL 2001
Platform: PS2
Studio: EA
Rating: 7.5/10

This is no Madden, but it’s still worth every chore you have to perform to buy it.

You’re probably tired of reading each review that claims each game is better than the last, but as with EA Sports’ Madden 2001, NHL 2001 has absolutely mind-blowing detail. From the players to the atmosphere outside the rink, you’ll be impressed. And with the eye candy there comes a small price.

Those heavy graphics slow the game down on occasion. Enough to drive you crazy? Not really. The controls won’t be anything you haven’t seen before. If you are familiar with the previous releases, you’ll feel right at home with this release. The problem is that the computer’s AI is really weak. So weak that we were scoring more like football games even against the pro level.

EA Sports always does a great job with making your ears as happy as your eyes. The color commentary does get repetitious, but the ambience will have you looking for a $10 hot dog.

Even when you’re kicking the computer’s frozen ass, NHL 2001 is still a lot of fun. The joy will last until the spring thaw.

+ bboy

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