Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Game: Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: Activision
Rating: 7.5/10

If you liked Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and want to try doing those tricks on a bike, then Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX might be right up your half pipe.

Look: This for the most part is Tony Hawk without the skateboard. It looks similar, and honestly I’m digging it. The graphics are crisp, not perfect, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Feel: Like I said before and will again, this is pretty much Tony Hawk. The controls work pretty much the same. Success on Pro Skater will equal success here. Things are somewhat different due to the fact that you are riding a bike, not a skateboard, but for the most part it’s going to be obvious and easy to pick up for Pro Skater fans.

Hear: This is where the game is not similar to Tony Hawk. The soundtrack for Skater was great; a mix of Public Enemy and Rage Against The Machine made for a great listening experience. Here it’s more average.

Finally: Personally, I can play for hours on end. I still yearn to pop in Tony Hawk as it’s my favorite game, but this still has its good points.

+ bboy

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