Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Game: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Platform: Xbox 360
Studio: Activision
Rating: 8/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance lets you create a four-member strike force of Marvel Super Heroes. If you had to assemble a team of the best heroes, who would you pick? Choose wisely, because this is an alliance for the ages — the team you create will face incredible evils, from the most exotic locations on Earth to the neighboring solar systems. Partner, battle and interact with more than 140 characters from the entire Marvel Universe, in a multi-mission quest with an innovative combat system. Command the largest roster of Super Heroes ever, as you determine the fate of a universe. Compete or cooperate online – converge in battle against legendary villains, and Switch between cooperative and competitive mode to partner or challenge 3 other players.

Product Features

* Experience the full scale of the Marvel universe – A combined cast of over 140 characters — choose from 20 playable Marvel Super Heroes, unlocking more as you progress
* Universal team Upgrade system – Balance your heroes’ powers, or customize each member to maximize their effectiveness
* Outfit your heroes with power-boosting equipment, create a team name, team icon and team vehicle; establish your team’s reputation as the story progresses
* Change the course of the game – The missions you accept, the objectives completed, and how you interact with other characters throughout the game will have a direct impact on the storyline
* No-holds-barred combat – Fight while you’re airborne, submerged underwater, even out in space! Multiple combat tactics and accessories available – grappling, charge attacks and a destructible environment, where lampposts and chairs become dangerous weapons

PLAY: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is loaded with characters, twenty of which you can control. This is a great example of how to make a game for gamers who want a lot of action and diversity with intuitive controls. Gamers will find themselves playing against a few tough bosses while fighting battles all the way along. Ultimate Alliance doesn’t take too much brain power to figure out how to defeat certain enemies as each has a soft spot. It doesn’t take long to find that spot in order to take them down.

The beauty of Ultimate Alliance is that you can jump right in once you understand the controller. The controls are simple as jumping and punching and using your powers. Another great aspect of Ultimate Alliance is that you have a team of three that can help you fight your way through the game. Your team doesn’t get lost or lose their way, or simply get caught in a corner, because you have the ability to command them.

GRAPHICS: The environments are big and beautiful, however the more detail necessary as you get closer to the environment the less it looks like an Xbox 360 game. The animation is very fluid and the fight sequences are brilliant.

SOUND: The soundtrack is one you’d expect from a movie. On the other hand, the voice acting isn’t spectacular. Every line is a cliché and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the game. Good thing the action is fun.

FRANKLY: Ultimate Alliance is at its best when playing with friends or going online. You can go online and play coop or against others. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance could have been better. It’s not easy to put your finger on why this isn’t a great game. It’s fun while you play but then again it’s not the kind of game that you are dying to play again.

+ Richie Wright

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