Midnight Club II

Midnight Club II
Game: Midnight Club II
Platform: PS2
Studio: Rockstar
Rating: 8.5/10

Game Company’s Description: In Midnight Club II you are an elite, next-generation illegal street racer, racing through the cities of Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Each location boasts open-ended routes, loads of shortcuts, and massive jumps. Filled with pedestrians, vehicles backing out of driveways, benches, lights, parking meters, trash, and other municipal properties, these living cities will require complete concentration and deft driving skills.

Look: Fantastic design and layout of the city. The cars are amazing with great reflections off the cars and the show of sparks flying when you crash into a light pole.

There are citizens walking around looking to get you into trouble. The models are decent but hard to see as you wiz by. The city itself is well modeled and leaves some nice twists such as hidden alleys and the ability to crash through glass for a shortcut. The introductions to the next character you will race are fantastic. The characters are modeled well and remind you a bit of Toy Story or something Pixar might have created.

Feel: You will have to work. The game isn’t something you will cruise your way through. You might find yourself racing the same character twenty times before you finally get lucky enough to beat them within a second. It’s enough to make your hands sweat.

You’re cruising through the city to find someone to go up against. A flick of the high beams and you are off. The cars aren’t licensed but look quite a bit like their real counterparts. The cars crash and get damaged even though it doesn’t seem to affect game play. What does affect game play is crashing into a car and losing time. It’s not about inflicting damage like GTA it’s about speed. You get some wonderful cities like L.A., Paris and Tokyo. The one thing that is like GTA is that it’s still fun just to cruise around and check out the sights. That is until you get the hankering for a race.

Hear: The music is lame. The sound effects are okay. You have the police in pursuit and get to hear them calling for backup and then there are the citizens diving out of the way screaming and crying. You will find the characters either funny or annoying. The chick in L.A. actually called me a ‘cheating bastard’. I thought it was funny, but not something for the kids.

Frankly: If you like racing you may or may not like this. It’s not your typical race game in fact it is faster and more intense. This isn’t a sim like GT3 or absolutely freeform as GTA. Midnight Club 2 falls somewhere in between.

+ rick carey

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