MX Rider

MX Rider
Game: MX Rider
Platform: PS2
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 5/10

MX Rider is a pretty good motocross simulation.

Look: With a game that’s high octane, you expect it to react well. Infogrames did a great job in that respect. There never seems to be a lag as the graphics are quick and clear. It’s pretty impressive to watch while your rider and bike both pack on the mud throughout each race.

Feel: There isn’t much to say. There is a lot of simplicity here, but that isn’t necessarily good. The gameplay is where MX Rider falls off.

Hear: The sound effects are good, but the music needs to go.

Frankly: To be honest, all things aside, I played the game for a while, but even with all the slick graphics, where is the long-term excitement?

+ rj lark

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