Game: Kameo
Platform: Xbox 360
Studio: Microsoft
Rating: 9.5/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Kameo: Elements of Power is a larger-than-life journey full of intense combat, magnificent exploration, and innovative action. The future of the world depends on Kameo, who must capture, harness, and unleash a wide assortment of monsters to rescue three of her Elemental Ancestors and destroy the Dark Troll King who threatens the planet and its wildlife. Kameo will be granted the power to transform into incredible monsters, but they must be honed to their maximum capacity as she makes her way through a world bursting with strange life and breathtaking sights.

PLAY: The game opens with three creatures which Kameo can morph into. Each creature is necessary to get through the opening area. The opening area gets progressively harder in a very short time. Each section requires different skills–thankfully there is a nice tutorial to introduce players to the skills that are necessary—although there is trial and error to learning new skills.

Each area is interesting and full of fascinating characters. Some characters you need to fight and others you can interact with. Thankfully you are continually introduced to new characters—particularly those different elemental warriors for which you can morph into. As you journey progresses, Kameo will receive a book that helps throughout with puzzles and offers continuous hints.

The puzzles are always fun. Some take longer than others to solve and require different skills from the elemental warriors. There are moments when you must shape-shift in mid-motion and others where you have to be the character for a major portion of the area. The odd thing about Kameo is how rarely you play as Kameo the winged fairy. She is in the cutscenes and other occasionally scenes but rarely in battle.

Some of the characters take time to get used to. Major Ruin is a shelled creature that can hover and be shot mid-flight in different directions. It takes some practice to be accurate. Pummel Weed is a mix between the monster from Little Shop of Horrors and a boxer. Chilia is a monster that looks like a yeti. Deep Blue can swim.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are engrossing. There is a major step-up from previous consoles. Does Kameo deliver full next-generation graphics? The first thing that came to mind was how it looked a lot like 3D cartoons today. The environments are amazing and the animation is fluid. At the same time Kameo has blurring that is used to cover it’s track for the lack of detail.

SOUND: The score for Kameo is fantastic. There is no doubt that this sounded like a really good theatric cartoon.

FRANKLY: Kameo: Elements of Power can be finished in a day. It’s not too long or too short. Honestly Kameo is rated T for Teen and yet it seems to be very much a game for kids. Kids will take longer to finish which makes it perfect for a long stretch of entertainment.

+ Charlie Craine

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