Kiss: Psycho Circus

Kiss: Psycho Circus
Game: Kiss: Psycho Circus
Platform: Dreamcast
Studio: God
Rating: 5/10

Imagine KISS, or a kiss, without the tongue. Pretty lame, right? Welcome to the Psycho Circus.

Look: There is a story here, but the text is so bad I can’t stand to read it. That’s probably unimportant to most, so let’s get on to the real deal. The backgrounds aren’t up to the standard of many Dreamcast releases. It looks good, but it also looks drab and without much heart. The monsters are just blah with their clown makeup.

Feel: Level after level you get your kicks from blowing things away. If that’s your thing, you’ll enjoy it, just don’t expect to be marching around as Gene Simmons. As a shooter it’s not that bad.

Sound: First off, KISS is one of the great rock bands of all time. So why on earth are they almost nowhere to be found on this game’s soundtrack? Instead they opt for totally bland mood music. Big mistake.

Finally: KISS is just another game. Maybe I expected more, like actually being Gene Simmons or Ace Frehley. That I can get over, but the fact that KISS isn’t played throughout is inexcusable.

+ bboy

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