Game: iTrip
Platform: PSP
Studio: Griffin
Rating: 7/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: The iTrip FM Transmitter has now been reinvented for the PlayStation Portable. Offering a sleek, slim design that slides securely onto the bottom of the PSP quickly and easily, without adding bulk, the iTrip’s easy to read display sends audio right to your radio. Rock your game, movies and music through your own home and car systems and you’ll never go back to the stock speakers.
• Built-in antenna
• Power requirement: 2 AA Batteries (included)
• Modulation: FM Stereo
• Frequencies: 88.1-107.9MHz
• High stability crystal oscillator, phase-lock loop control
• Frequency response: 50Hz to 15KHz
• Operating range: 10-30 ft

REVIEW: iTrip costs $49.99. A pair of Sony Stereo Earphones cost the same and delivers great sound for the PSP. For a while we weren’t sure what to do with the iTrip since there didn’t seem many occasions when the PSP would be used with a stereo. We tried playing it in a living room through a stereo system but it felt disjointed.

The one place that the iTrip works great is in the car. It was perfect for two kids sitting together and watching Sky High without the need for headphones. I also tried it with a pair of wireless headphones. This was the best use yet. The sound was great in the high end wireless headphones and delivered more punch than any headphone available for the PSP. I’ve played the PSP this way ever since.

The iTrip runs on two AAA battieries which last only eight hours. That’s not a lot of time compared to the cost. Grab some rechargeable batteries—it’ll save you money in the long run.

FRANKLY: We found the iTrip best when in a car and with the wireless headphones. However if you have kids and have a mini stereo or boombox in the bedroom it’s great way to play the PSP—definitely a huge upgrade over the poor excuse for stock speakers in the PSP.

+ Richie Wright

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