IGI 2: Covert Striker

IGI 2: Covert Striker
Game: IGI 2: Covert Striker
Platform: PC
Studio: Codemasters
Rating: 7/10

Game Company’s Description: This new IGI 2: Covert Strike sampler is set in a 1950s Soviet weather station, high in the Carpathian Mountains and has David Jones, our IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) agent, on a reconnaissance mission tracking down a nano-technology chip, held by the local mafia.

Objectives include locating a laser-cutter and a silenced sniper rifle, breaking into offices, deactivating security systems, and launching a weather balloon. Faced with enemy patrols, scientists and snow troopers, Jones needs to engineer an incredible surface-to-air escape on a Hercules plane in a classic blockbuster end sequence.

Gameplay faces Jones with many decisions between using stealth or firepower, use your judgement to see which tactics give the best results. Thankfully, you’ve got the Satellite Map computer at hand to help you out.

Look: Excellent landscapes and simply looks great. The lighting is often so good you’d think you were watching a film.

Feel: Feels like IGI in many ways. The missions are covert but there is an added depth that wasn’t in the original. You have to be accurate and work harder at staying hidden. The problem seems to be the AI, or lack thereof. The enemies are too predictable and never seem to flinch when you blast them. You have to get a kill otherwise the enemy is just as dangerous wounded as he was previous to you nailing him with a bullet into the arm.

Hear: Almost funny conversation. Boring music.

Frankly: Worth the purchase price.

+ rick carey

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