Gradius Collection

Gradius Collection
Game: Gradius Collection
Platform: PSP
Studio: Konami
Rating: 6/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Gradius Collection compiles five of the best arcade and console games around: The Gradius series. You’ll get five beloved Gradius titles in one exciting game package. Spanning more than 20 years of shooting action, Gradius Collection includes the original Gradius, Gradius II, Gradius III, Gradius IV, and the long awaited classic Gradius Gaiden. This special disc also includes a gallery mode to listen to the thumping soundtracks from every game and the ability to view CG movies of the Vic Viper in action. Players can choose to play each game in an enhanced PSP version or with the original Arcade settings. Gradius Collection is a must-have for any shooting game fan!

PLAY: You’ll get to bring five different versions of Gradius wherever you go with the PSP. When the game arrived we were surprised that we’ve never played a few of the Gradius versions. Whether memory serves me right—I remember playing the early version on my ColecoVision—either that or I’m confusing it with Zaxxon—I definitely played it in the arcade in elementary school. If someone would have told me I’d have a video game system in a handheld way back then it would have seemed impossible. The original version and the first few aren’t so great—however Gradius IV and Gradius Gaiden are still very entertaining. The first three are mostly fun for pure nostalgia. Gradius II is fun and Gradius III is tough whereas the later versions are a combination of both. Unlike most games there is no damage. You get hit—you die and must start all over again. Overall that makes Gradius really hard.

GRAPHICS: For a game that came out 20 years ago and had versions released thereafter, Gradius isn’t a terrible looking game. It’s not supposed to be an amazing looking game so for a simple shooter it works.

SOUND: A classic score and sound effects.

FRANKLY: Gradius is entertaining and for the price this is really a good bargain.

+ Richie Wright

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