Ground Control II

Ground Control II
Game: Ground Control II
Platform: PC
Studio: Vivendi
Rating: 8/10

GAME STUDIO DESCRIPTION: The year is 2741. Long after the fall of the Crayven Corporation and the Order of the New Dawn, war still rages. A Campaign of terror is afoot, masked under a false veil of liberty for mankind. The mighty Terran Empire, under the leadership of Emperor Marcus Augustus is recapturing all of the old colonies. But there are some who resist…

GRAPHICS: Wow. The world created for Ground Controls 2 is gorgeous. You’ll be amazed by the environments that make up this fictitious world. From the birds flying to the weather, you can’t help but be impressed that a studio spent this much time to make a game look this good.

CONTROLS: Your forces are deep as well. Each unit can be multipurpose in the case that you bring in the wrong backup units. The addition of reinforcements is a great addition to GC2. The AI is relentless and very aggressive. Most gamers expect aggressive AI however GC2 set the AI to total destruction. It definitely keeps your heart pounding.

A glaring problem is the weak multiplayer option. The only good thing about multiplayer is the option of bring in a few friends to help in battle—but battling your friends is another story.

SOUND: Very good sound effects and voice acting.

FRANKLY: Plenty of missions and a wonderful depth make this a worthy purchase.

+ Ralphie Wright

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