Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3
Game: Grand Theft Auto 3
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Rockstar
Rating: 10/10

Grand Theft Auto 3 is seriously one disturbing game and one of the best games at the same time! GTA 3 finds a street thug looking to climb the later of crime in the mafia.

Look: There is blood, car crashes, hookers, and all sorts of darkness. It’s almost obscene; believe me you won’t be able to peel your eyes from the screen.

As dark as this game is it is also beautiful. The city scenes are phenomenal, one of the best you’ll ever see.

Feel: GTA 3 mixes running, driving, shooting, and more. So lets break each down. Driving is by far my favorite part of this game. The handling is better than most race games. Running around is okay, nothing hard about this, but when it comes to shooting I found myself often frustrated by the difficulty with the pistol, but loved the uzi and rifles.

Then there are the missions. Some are simple, like picking up hookers and dropping them off to the police ball to stealing a car, planting a bomb and then setting it off. There are endless missions and that is entirely good. As vast as these mission are there is still a sense of freedom to go and do what ever you wanted to.

Also there are a few notable side things you can do in and around the city. One time I saved a lady from a beating. Guess you have to do something to feel good after you’ve run over a dozen or so people moments before.

Hear: By far the best game you’ve ever heard. You can literally change the radio stations in the car. Each car you get in has a certain flavor for the driver you stole the car from. The depth of this is absolutely insane. The voice acting is good too.

Frankly: I spent perhaps a good part of ten hours just getting through a couple of missions, trust me I was in no hurry to finish. Mostly because I spent time exploring the huge city and the volumes of items to explore, also I had fun driving all sorts of cars that I stole, especially the semi. I loved driving over everything from street polls to police cars. This game has perhaps more appeal than any I’ve ever played. Oh, and if your car starts on fire, get out!

+ rj lark

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